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Domain name, hosting, website… what’s the difference?

Since I see this question pretty frequently, I want to start your journey towards website success by answering one of the most common questions you may have when building a new site:

What’s the difference between a website, a domain, and hosting?!

It’s easy to get confused. A lot of website providers don’t make the answer clear, and most want you to sign up then pay for abilities you probably should be getting for free.

Here are some quick and dirty definitions, as well as a few links to help you out.

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7 easy steps to get social media working for you this year

While the number of social media platforms out there can be overwhelming, stick to this simple, tried-and-true checklist and succeed on any platform this year.

Social media is everywhere. Just last year, over 3 billion people around the world used social media. In the United States alone, more than 81 percent of the population has a social media profile, and these numbers show no sign of slowing down. If you have put off social media for your business until now, or if you have tried before and didn’t see any results, it is time to put together a social media gameplan for your organization and grow your audience online this year.

Here are a few basic steps on how to get started on any social media platform which I hope will help you to provide the information your audience is looking for, maximize your time online, and ensure social media is an effective marketing tool for you.

Research your audience

Before you start posting on any social media platform, it is important to determine who your audience is. You may already have done this when starting your business or while creating a marketing plan, but it is still good practice to identify the group of individuals you are targeting with each post. And be as specific as possible! This will also help tremendously if you decide to run an ad campaign, as you will already have your target demographic data available.

This information also helps when picking your primary social media platform – this detailed article from Sprout Social can help you determine where your target audience spends most of their time online.

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