USB Bait Script (Powershell)

The purpose of this script was to conduct ethical USB drops and threat assesment(s). This script was written in powershell and disguises as a folder on the USB drive.

Custom Nmap Program (Python)

I wrote this script for a Pen Testing Raspberry Pi I created that could be used as a VPN server, and set up so I could SSH into it and conduct remote pennetration testing. I created this so I could perform port scanning on my target(s) and give myself an extremely user- friendly interface with multiple functionalities. The script gives the user options of types of NMAP scan(s) to choose/ combine from and ask for the target(s).

Windows File Grabber (Powershell)

While working as a Network Administrator, I have found myself frequently formatting computers. When this is done, it is necessary that I grab all of the current/ previous employee’s files and place them somewhere safe & secure. I decided to automate this proccess, and write a script for it. The script is in powershell and takes all of files from the local machines Documents, Images, and Desktop and place them on a drive of the users choice.

NSA Code Breaker (National)

At the University of North Georgia, we compete in the NSA codebreaker Challenge(s). Specifically, the UNG Cyberhawks, which I was/ am part of, take this pretty seriously. In 2021, we placed #2 in the nation out of 631 competing schools. In 2022, we placed #5 out of 450+ competing schools.