Cranberry Community Management

After creating their site in 2011, a slight — and responsive — redesign came in 2015.

Cranberry Community Management is a property management company that relieves community Board members of business activities, such as collecting dues, maintaining common grounds and inspecting properties, improving communities across the Cranberry Township area.

In 2011, Cranberry Community Management was just forming, but they were growing at a rapid pace. They needed a site that would inform homeowners associations of the services they offered, in addition to offering various ways for community members to contact the company with any requests they may have (including maintenance requests and resale certificate submissions).

As they grew, various additional features were added, such as a dues payment system which I developed using Stripe Checkout.

In 2015, I was contacted again to make their site responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly). Along the way, I updated some UI elements using CSS3 to improve site usability, making the site more enjoyable to use.

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